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Bowling to Suit You!
We have bowling opportunities to suit everyone. Internally we provide coaching for beginners, regular social bowling 'ballot' games, numerous individual, pair and team championships and a number of one-day trophies. The more competitive bowlers also play in local, county and national leagues and championships, either as individuals or for club teams.  Something for everyone!

Weekly Ballots
Our drawn ballots provide a great opportunity to enjoy a social game of bowls, without competitive pressures. For new members, they give the chance to play games and to meet other members, and for more experienced members, the chance to play in different positions in the team - not so easy to do in competitive league matches.

The ballots are on Monday afternoons (except Bank Holidays) starting on April 24th - register by 2.15 for play starting at 2.30 - and also Friday evenings - timing depends on time of year. On Mondays, it is very helpful to the organisers (but not essential) if you put your name down on the entry card in advance. For more information about Mondays, contact Liz Fletcher Wright (07731 921200), Barry Chubb or Dave Critchfield.

Fridays evening ballots will start on June 9th and are organised by John and Marilyn Williams, who always try to accommodate particular requests, such as playing in a particular position, or if recovering from injury. Please arrive at the club to register by 5.30 (or text John if running late!)

Beginners & Coaching
It doesn't matter if you have never bowled before - come for a 'try it out' session with one of our coaches, to see if this wonderful sport might be for you. If it is, you can have more coaching sessions before moving onto initial playing membership, when our social ballots are a great way to play a relaxed, social, game, and also to meet other members. To find out more, see the  Membership page.

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