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The Green


As in 2022, the green is normally open for play from 10.00 at weekends and from 12.00 on weekdays, subject always to any decision by the Green Keeper to close it for maintenance or damage-avoidance reasons.


Members please note that starting times between 12 and 2 on weekdays are the most likely to experience disruption, for example by mowing being delayed due to adverse weather conditions.

Start times are managed through the rink book kept in the foyer of the Clubhouse.. Priority is given to leagues and competitive matches, but there is usually plenty of opportunity for practice and social games.

The green is maintained is maintained by a team of volunteers, supported by expert advice as required.

Dress Code

Generally speaking, all members should wear Club Shirts when representing the Club, in either league or friendly matches.


When playing in club competitions or roll-ups, predominantly white bowls shirts can also be worn, but not crew neck t-shirts. On cooler days, Ladies can wear pale blue fleece style jackets or cardigans, and Gentlemen should wear Club Jackets or white bowls jumpers.

Trousers should be grey or white according to the event, and can be either bowling trousers, bowls shorts or crops, or bowling 'jogging style' trousers. 

Flat soled bowling shoes must always be worn on the green.

For full dress code details, click here

The Laws of Bowls


If you fancy a little light reading, you can download the "Laws of the Sport of Bowls - Crystal Mark Fourth Edition from the World Bowls website - just click here.   There is also a printed copy in a folder by the pigeon holes in the Clubhouse.

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